Dirty air filters


You already know your car’s air filter is essential to the air filtration system. But, do you know the severe consequences of air filter negligence? The wellbeing of your air filters plays a big part in keeping the entire engine strong.

here are two fundamental reasons to keep your air filtration system, including the cabin air filter and engine air intake filter, well preserved.

1. Waste will corrode your engine

Over time, the air filter loses the capacity for doing its job successfully. The air filter’s main use is to clean out the bug bits, dirt, allergens and pollution from the air before it goes into the car. However, the more the filter purges from the air, the more waste builds up on the filter itself.

Steadily, the filter becomes dirtier and dirtier until, eventually, it cannot clean the air. When this happens, shards of debris can go through the filter and tear apart the engine. These little contaminants wear on the engine’s metal, damaging the engine and producing more debris along the way. If these impurities are sucked into the combustion chamber, the whole engine may fail.

2. Contaminants impact the fuel-air mix

When you push the gas pedal, the vehicle releases a specific amount of fuel from the tank. This fuel mixes with the oxygen running through the engine, sparking an ignition. For this progression to work as anticipated, the car must inhale the right amount of clean air.

When the air filter is blocked with dust and grime, airflow decreases and clean oxygen can’t mix with the fuel. The fuel then becomes too “rich”, lowering your gas mileage and putting unnecessary stress on the engine. Gradually, you’ll notice your car start to drive rough. Your “check engine” light may also turn on. By disregarding the issue, you’ve set yourself up for total engine failure.


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